For tips on how to bring the Gum Election to your neighborhood or office, click on the video below.

The 11×17 poster in 150dpi.

20 thoughts on “PARTICIPATE

  1. Mary P NYC says:

    the cooper union one is great see:

  2. […] sucks the most? Vote with your gum! Yep, that’s right, go to the Gum Election website to print the street art before pasting it up in your neighbourhood – enabling people […]

  3. […] chance to express your opinion by voting with your gum. Watch the video below, download the poster here and vote with your gum… We love the […]

  4. […] que están en USA y quieran participar, pueden descargar aquí los carteles para imprimirlos y pegarlos donde […]

  5. Ariel Barkan says:

    I took this picture in Time Square five days ago

  6. Jane says:

    I have an image of your poster at Thompson and Prince Sts taken last night. Would you like a copy?

  7. alaina wallace says:

    Is there a download link?

  8. jim says:

    What a clever idea.

  9. […] ist die Chance, eure Sympathien auszudrücken. Schaut euch das Video unten an und ladet das Poster hier […]

  10. Mesh says:

    From Belgium… we have started to contribute ;-)

  11. Alex says:

    We used this as our school election. Took it a bit further than originally anticipated! We had to cut off the sucks part, it was too “negative” or something…but the results were astounding!!

  12. Has anybody made one of these for the Australian elections? Let me know @MrJava2000

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