The Artists


Gum Election is a street art project by filmmaker and artist Stefan Haverkamp.I hope Americans will vote in this upcoming historic election and enjoy the posters in our streets. For questions please contact:


2016 Gum Election “Trump vs. Clinton” by Stefan Haverkamp, Hedvig Astrom & James Cooper.


2013 German Gum Election “Steinbrück vs. Merkel” by Stefan Haverkamp, Ece Ciftci & James Cooper.


2012 Gum Election “Obama vs. Romney” by Stefan Haverkamp, Hedvig Astrom & James Cooper.

2011 Gum Election “AT&T vs. Verizon” by Stefan Haverkamp & James Cooper.

2011 Gum Election “Obama vs. McCain” by Stefan Haverkamp & James Cooper.

This blog has been viewed more than 1.200.000 times and triggered endless spoofs. Gum Election appeared on many television shows, street art blogs, design sites, advertising hubs and pop culture publications.

25 thoughts on “The Artists

  1. found this on a street post on the northeast corner of Dearborn & Wacker in Chicago this morning 10/28/2008. can’t wait til after work to see if it’s still there. maybe you’d like to post an update on it. (sorry for the double comment, but i forgot the link to the pic.)

  2. This is in St. Louis down on the Delmar Loop. I saw it days ago and knew it had to come from NY. I’m going to plaster them all over on Election Day for the non voters and kiddies. Fun concept.

  3. Hi Stefan,
    I’d like to have a short bio about you, so i can present you and your project and some images of the poster in the cities.
    So the new title of my project will be Dinamic communication and I will present a lot of graphic projects that implie interaction or just that change in time like some Sagmaster’s ones (
    So as I have already tell you, please send me names of artist, graphic designer of whatever that works with time (maybe soon I will start a blog about the argoument) .
    I have really liked your work and you disponibility,
    so tell me anything I can do for you!
    Have a nice week,

      1. Gum Election Cologne ist auch von mir. Hab bis jetzt nur noch keine Poster und Bilder hochgeladen. Stefan

  4. Hi,
    I would like to talk with u about an interview opportunity. Could u kindly email me back?
    Thanks so much!

  5. Isn’t really representative, though an interesting concept. You’re assuming that gum chewing and putting gum on a wall is relatively universal though… seems a bit more for the young and/or lower class, which we all know favor Obama anyways

  6. It was the 57th presidential election, just saying. Also, the posters may have caught the attention of more Obama supporters as opposed to Romney’s because the images depicted resemble Obama’s hope campaign from 2008. Great concept though, I look forward to seeing another come 2016.

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